Free Audiobooks, Kingston!

overdrive kfpl 300x158 Free Audiobooks, Kingston!  |  Kingston Real EstateI have discovered free audiobooks, Kingston!
All you need is a library card from the KFPL (Kingston & Frontenac Public Library) and a smart phone.
Just download the Overdrive app, log in using the number from your library card, and you have access to tons of e-books and audiobooks!
A friend told me about this last week, and I’ve already read three audiobooks.
overdrive listening speed 195x300 Free Audiobooks, Kingston!  |  Kingston Real EstateBonus feature: you can listen to audiobooks at regular speed, slower than regular speed, or all the way up to 2x speed!┬áMy friends are not surprised I tend to listen between 1.6 and 2.0x speed, I’m efficient like that : )


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