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Once you are registered on the BGRS portal, you’ll be able to scroll down to the bottom-right of the dashboard screen to the knowledge centre, which contains tips from BGRS.

BGRS Tips FAQHowever, a lot of people aren’t registered yet, or cannot registered, or just want to help out a friend! So here’s some of the info that BGRS provides.
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Posting Allowance

Your Posting or Reserve Allowance is paid directly by the CAF and is not added to your Personalized funds. (more…)

COS (Change of Strength)

Your Change of Strength (COS) date is typically your first day of travel to your new location (TNL). When planning your move you should coordinate the disposal and acquisition of your residences to coincide with your Change of Strength (COS) and travel dates, to facilitate a door to door move. (more…)

Dependant Care

Dependent care may be reimbursed during certain times of your relocation. Consider these options to ensure that you can focus on important tasks such as your HHT/DIT and ILM&M. (more…)

Custom Component

Your Custom funding is considered a “use it or lose it” component. At the end of your move, any unused Custom funds are returned to the CAF. (more…)

Approval HHT/DIT

When posted to a new place of duty within Canada, it is necessary that you seek approval from your losing unit Commanding Officer (CO) to proceed on a House Hunting Trip (HHT) or Destination Inspection Trip (DIT). For postings outside Canada, you will require both gaining and losing unit’s approval. (more…)

Commercial Transportation

While BGRS facilitates your commercial travel with the Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), the booking of travel is made by HRG. If travel bookings are required via the Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), a Travel Identification Number (TIN) is required at time of booking. A TIN is obtained on the HRG website. (more…)

Commercial Lodgings

Plan to reserve your hotel room(s) in advance for your relocation activities. During spring and summer months, many hotels are at full capacity. (more…)

Loyalty Contracts

Breaking a loyalty contract i.e. cancelling a contract with your cell phone service provider is not considered a disconnection fee and cannot be claimed as a relocation expense. (more…)

Time Limitations

Sale and purchase benefits can be claimed up to one year before or two years after your COS date or the shipment of your HG&E ( whichever is later) to the new place of duty. (more…)


If you intend on purchasing a home at your new location, we suggest you contact a lawyer/ notary prior to your House Hunting Trip (HHT), to confirm if they require a meeting with you during that time. (more…)

Mortgage Approval

If you are a first time homebuyer, we suggest that you contact a mortgage specialist prior to your House Hunting Trip to discuss your options and mortgage pre-approval. (more…)


Obtaining an appraisal is a critical step for homeowners at origin. This appraised value will confirm your home’s current market value and also forms part of your Custom funding. (more…)

T4’s / RL-1’s

T4s and RL-1s will be issued by the CAF at the end of February of each year. (more…)

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