Decoding Brookfield (and the new Relocard) 2018

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this body of knowledge. If you have anything to add (or questions that can be answered by the community), please comment below!

bgrs-screencap-login-square copyOnce you register on the new member secure website, there are videos, FAQs and “relofacts” on the new process. There is also rumoured to be a full contact centre you can either call or instant message right from the website should you have any additional questions. When you call the contact centre, they record the conversation and upload it to your online account in case you need to listen to it again.
Since the new system only applies to people who received their posting message after Dec 1, 2017, there are currently members under both the old and new systems. This could be the reason why the info regarding the new system isn’t broadly available to everyone yet.
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Note: The BGRS portal doesn’t have full functionality on DWAN computers.

You’ll be asked for your “move number”. This should be on your posting message, and it is cleverly camouflaged in the Fin Code section so it’s almost impossible to notice. It’s the 12 characters that starts with something like BI18########. 

New payment cards (“relocard”)

For now, here’s what I’ve been able to gather (unofficially) about the new payment card system:
Great news! No more unreimbursable fees on the ReloCard for military postings! Click here for the official announcement that supercedes some of what is written below.
  • the card essentially acts as a [cashless] cash advance
  • it takes 5-7 business days to receive your card, so be sure to request it as early as you can!
  • Berkeley is the financial institution responsible for sending out the relocard and ensuring that the funds are loaded for you to use
  • at the end of your move, once your claim is reconciled, the card will be loaded up with whatever is still owed to you (they no longer deposit to your bank account)
  • the card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted
  • limit of $2000 per day on the card
  • the card can only be used 15 times
  • for large transaction amounts (think lawyer), members will be able to log onto the Berkeley website to set up an electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • if a supplier is not able to accept the card or EFT, it seems you will need to take a cash advance at an ATM (fees apply, and I believe it’s a $500 limit per advance, possibly per day) – please comment below if you have more info!
From the BGRS site: “Please note that the BGRS Reloadable Prepaid Visa card will be mailed to the above address within 5 business days of completing your Preliminary Relocation Assessment (PRA). If this is not your principal mailing address, or you will have vacated these premises, please enter a valid address where the card can be securely shipped.”

Other info

  • receipts can now be submitted by taking a photo and uploading right away to your account
  • I think your posting allowance might now come on your pay rather than through Brookfield – let me know if this is (in)correct by commenting below
  • comment below to let us know if you find out more and I’ll keep updating this post!

Brookfield BGRS member login screen capture


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