Interim ReloCard Solution

Excellent news about an Interim ReloCard Solution!

The original (Facebook) message is embedded below but I’ll paste the text here as well:

As a follow on to our last update on the ReloCard’s issues and the associated fees, we have directed a short term solution. We will be returning to Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) directly into members’ bank accounts for all new requests for funds to cover relocation expenses, much the same as the previous model. This will happen within days – with details to be promulgated by the end of the week.

As they have in the past, members banking information will have to be confirmed to ensure funding is accurately deposited. Members will continue to use the BGRS online service to make the request for funds. 

Members will be compensated for all fees related to the ReloCard. Please keep your receipts. More information about this process and the transition from the existing ReloCard will be released shortly, as the details are worked out. 

There are few things that we do in the Canadian Armed Forces that are more stressful on our families than relocations. We are committed to improving the relocation experience for our members and will continue to work with our partners to improve the service delivery model while concurrently modernizing our relocation benefits packages.

Major-General Wayne D. Eyre
Deputy Commander Military Personnel Command


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