Heading back to Africa

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After an amazing trip to southeast Asia for a month in Nov/Dec, including a 5-day stopover in Israel over Christmas on the way home, I’ll shortly be heading back out to Africa!  This trip will be three weeks, and in the same region (Siaya, Kenya) as I was back in October.  Really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and getting to know some new friends.

My time in Asia at the end of 2013 helped me more deeply understand that poverty isn’t about a lack of money as much as it’s a lack of options, hope, and dignity.  The people of Seje and Yogo villages in Siaya District have hope and options that they didn’t have only a handful of years ago; they have worked really hard to farm their land and dig the trenches needed to bring water to their families.

When I met children living in nearby communities who haven’t seen this change, who haven’t benefited from being in school, their little faces were full of pain and hurt.  There is more fighting amongst themselves as they compete for limited resources.  They are brave and strong little survivors, but slow to open up and trust.  The kids in Seje and Yogo, however, are open and excited and seem genuinely happy.  They are full of life and hope, as you can see in the photo above.  I now truly “get” how much of a key education is to changing the world.

If you’d like to follow the trip blog while I’m in Kenya, here’s a link.

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