DND Relocation

Relocation is bittersweet.  I know.  During my years in the Army I had my fair share of moving around.

I hope the links below are helpful to you. If you have any questions regarding military relocations, simply drop me a line and I can assist you in finding the answers you’re looking for.  No matter where in the country you are posted, I will help you personally or put you in touch with real estate professionals at your origin or destination.

Decoding BGRS (Brookfield)

I have a page dedicated specifically to the new (as of Dec 2017) BGRS relocard system with lots of info I have gathered from personal experiences of myself and others. Check it out, as it answers a lot of the questions that aren’t necessarily covered anywhere else, even on the BGRS secure site. Leave a message on the page if you have more questions or comments that could help others!

Getting Started

If you’ve received your posting message, you can complete Pre-registration.  If you already completed this, go to the Secure Website for information specific to your employer that will help you prepare for your relocation.

*Note the BGRS Portal doesn’t work properly from DWAN computers, so you might not have full functionality at work!

BGRS info video
BGRS (Brookfield) FAQ
Getting started with Brookfield
For CAF Members:
Policies and Directives
Relocation Checklist (Fillable PDF format)
Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome Booklet
Glossary and Acronyms
Helpful Links
For Renters at Origin
For Homeowners at Origin
Getting started for special situations:
For Members on Imposed Restriction or proceeding Unaccompanied
For Students traveling to destination

Support to Military Families

CAF Connection is a website dedicated to helping Canadian Armed Forces families navigate resources within their communities.  If you’re a CAF family looking for tools to support you with the unique challenges that come with military lifestyle, this website provides information and direct links to local supports services and resources.

What Are Your Relocation Entitlements?

Here is the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program Directive and Clarifications document for the last several years.  If you do not see one for this APS, that means there haven’t been any changes since it was last published so you can use the most recent APS’ document.
You may also find the It’s Your Move booklet handy.  It’s a practical guide to the process, including which benefits are taxable and non-taxable.
Please note that Civilian DND employees should refer to the Government of Canada Employees section, and members of the RCMP should refer to the RCMP Directive.

Other Relocation Links