BGRS (Brookfield) Introductory Guide

BGRS (Brookfield) Introductory Guide

Here's the BGRS (Brookfield) Introductory Guide video outlining the new site and process for the policy that came into effect December 2017. Feel free to comment below! BGRS (Brookfield) Introductory Guide Log in to your BGRS dashboard here … [Read more...]

BGRS Relocard Surcharges

BGRS Relocard Surcharges

BGRS Relocard surcharges have become a real issue. As you can read in the Facebook post below (click on the FB icon or here to see the full text), there are some transactions that cannot be paid on the relocard; they have to be paid by Direct Funds Transfer (DFT). A DFT is subject to a surcharge that the Member must pay (minimum $30, maximum $50 per transaction). At the time of writing, these fees were not eligible for reimbursement. Capt Strembiski makes the point that the surcharge is not … [Read more...]

Brookfield BGRS FAQ

Brookfield BGRS FAQ

Straight from the source, here are some Brookfield BGRS FAQs that will be available to you once you get your posting message, register for service, and log in to the site. FAQs – File Initiation 1. When can BGRS provide me with services? BGRS can only provide you with services once all of the following steps have been completed:: you have received your posting message/release paperwork; and the CAF has provided BGRS with the authorization for your move; and you have … [Read more...]

Free Audiobooks, Kingston!

Overdrive - Kingston Library - Annalise Schamuhn real estate

I have discovered free audiobooks, Kingston! All you need is a library card from the KFPL (Kingston & Frontenac Public Library) and a smart phone. Just download the Overdrive app, log in using the number from your library card, and you have access to tons of e-books and audiobooks! A friend told me about this last week, and I've already read three audiobooks. Bonus feature: you can listen to audiobooks at regular speed, slower than regular speed, or all the way up to 2x speed! My … [Read more...]

Life Hacks for Moving

Annalise Schamuhn - Kingston real estate

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, here's a collection of Life Hacks for Moving I've collected from friends, colleagues, and personal experience! For military postings, I've written separately about decoding the new BGRS (Brookfield) rules and relocard, so these tips are more generic tips that have been submitted by readers (thanks guys!) House-Hunting and House-Hunting Trips (HHTs) If possible, book schools and daycare on your HHT. Book your hookups (cable, … [Read more...]

Decoding Brookfield (and the new Relocard) 2018

Brookfield BGRS member login screen capture

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this body of knowledge. If you have anything to add (or questions that can be answered by the community), please comment below! Once you register on the new member secure website, there are supposed to be videos, FAQs and "relofacts" on the new process. There is also rumoured to be a full contact centre you can either call or instant message right from the website should you have any additional questions. When you call the contact centre, they … [Read more...]

Top FREE Things to Do in Kingston


Kingston is such a great place to be in the summer!  Check out these ideas for free activities for the whole family. … [Read more...]

Life-changing Moments

dispensary (1024x768)

You know when people go on humanitarian aid trips and see things that change them forever? I had [another] one of those moments a few weeks ago. We stopped to visit a small rural medical clinic and while we were there a man came in with really bad injuries from a moped accident that had occurred 4 days ago. He couldn't walk and was dragging himself around through the dirt, so all of his injuries were filthy and infected. One of the wounds was down to the bone, and in other places he had … [Read more...]

Heading back to Africa

DSC_1724 (655x )

After an amazing trip to southeast Asia for a month in Nov/Dec, including a 5-day stopover in Israel over Christmas on the way home, I'll shortly be heading back out to Africa!  This trip will be three weeks, and in the same region (Siaya, Kenya) as I was back in October.  Really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and getting to know some new friends. My time in Asia at the end of 2013 helped me more deeply understand that poverty isn't about a lack of money as much as it's a … [Read more...]

Off To Kenya!

Arise and Shine Parents Letter

As many of you know, I am on staff with Hungry For Life International, and will be traveling to Seje, Kenya this October with a wonderful group of folks from Stittsville, Ontario (near Ottawa).  You can follow our trip blog at this link! Part of the project is the development of a school for orphan children.  Some of these children are "economic orphans", who have living parents but their family is so poor that, for some, the only meal they eat is the one they receive at the school.  We … [Read more...]