BGRS ReloFacts

BGRS ReloFactsThe BGRS Website provides the following “BGRS ReloFacts”, which you can access through your portal, once you are registered.

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Breakdown of what is covered in the Movement GrantMovement Grant.pdf

How to upload and view receiptsReceipts.pdf

How to use the Finances section of your Member Secure Website: Finances Guide.pdf

Different Funding Components  (envelopes) that make up the financial aspect of your Relocation: Relocation Funding.pdf

Instances in which you could be paid an incentive for certain choices you make during your Relocation: Incentives.pdf

Eligible reimbursable connection and disconnection fees: Connection and Disconnection Fees.pdf

Entitlements for lodgings while on your HHT/DIT, TNL and ILM&M, and difference between commercial and non-commercial lodgings: Commercial and Non-Commercial Lodgings.pdf

The way in which Geographical Boundaries may affect your relocation: Geographical Boundaries.pdf

Possible dependant care entitlements during your House Hunting Trip (HHT) / Destination Inspection Trip (DIT) and Interim Lodgings, Meals & Miscellaneous (ILM&M): Dependant Care.pdf

Eligible reimbursement for boarding pets: Pet Care.pdf

Home Sale/Purchase

Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA)Expenses covered if you need to buy a new home before your old one has sold: Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA).pdf (there are a lot of conditions to meet for this one!)

Home Equity Assistance (HEA) if you sell your home at a loss: Home Equity Assistance (HEA).pdf

This ReloFact explains what an Appraisal is, and why it is needed: Appraisals.pdf

How lot size may affect your home sale or purchase: Lot Size.pdf

What Attending Fees and Power of Attorney are, and how these may be reimbursed: Attending Fees and Power of Attorney.pdf

House Hunting Trip (HHT) House Hunting Trip (HHT)/Destination Inspection Trip (DIT)

Purpose and timing of an HHT, and what incentives you may be eligible for: House Hunting Trip (HHT).pdf

HHT_DIT Application.docx

When a Building-Structural Inspection may be required, and how it is reimbursed: Building-Structural Inspections.pdf

Destination Inspection Trip (DIT)Destination Inspection Trip (DIT).pdf

Move of Household Goods and Effects (HG&E) and Travel

Differences between Change of Strength (COS) dates and Report for Duty dates: Change of Stength vs Report for Duty.pdf

This form must be completed in full and submitted to your local Furniture and Effects (F&E)/Base Traffic in order to facilitate the movement of your F&E: f483m – 3-18.pdf

Commercial travel bookings, requirements and timelines: Booking Commercial Travel.pdf

Interim Lodging, Meals, and Miscellaneous (ILM&M): what it is, what it covers, and how to plan accordingly: ReloFact – ILMM.pdf

Long-Term Storage (LTS), where DCBA has determined that the shipment of your HG&E is limited or controlled: Long Term Storage (LTS).pdf

Form to submit to F&E/Base Traffic for LTS, if eligible: f484m – 3-18.pdf


How Lease Liability is calculated and what documents are required in order to claim it: Lease Liability.pdf

How Rent in Advance is calculated and what documents are required in order to claim it: Rent in Advance.pdf

Third Party Service Providers


If you have any questions or tips regarding the CAF Integrated Relocation Program (IRP) or BGRS ReloFacts, please comment below!

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