BGRS Relocard Surcharges

Berkeley BGRS Relocard Surcharges***Thanks to the efforts of people working on behalf of all relocating members, a solution has now been found to address this problem!***


BGRS Relocard surcharges have become a real issue.

As you can read in the Facebook post below (click on the FB icon or here to see the full text), there are some transactions that cannot be paid on the relocard; they have to be paid by Direct Funds Transfer (DFT).
A DFT is subject to a surcharge that the Member must pay (minimum $30, maximum $50 per transaction). At the time of writing, these fees were not eligible for reimbursement.
Capt Strembiski makes the point that the surcharge is not referenced in the Relocation Directive,  so it cannot be reimbursed “because it is not in the Directive. This is like asking us to pay a surcharge fee for the government direct depositing our paycheque.”
If you’ve had a similar experience (or better luck!) please let us know in the comments section below!

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