All About Annalise


Annalise’s Background

Annalise was born and raised right here in Kingston, and completed her university degree at the Royal Military College. She served in the military for 13 years, on bases from coast to coast, and spending several years in each of Kingston, Edmonton and Gagetown (NB). She has been married since 2002 and her husband Kevin is still serving in the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

Annalise began investing in real estate in 2006 and enjoyed every aspect of it, from purchasing and developing to managing and periodically selling. She loved the challenge, and how there’s something new and different about every transaction.

What set Annalise apart more than anything was her genuine personal investment in each and every client. Her personalized approach to the needs of every buyer and seller is a rare find. She truly was in the business of helping people make their dreams come true!